KULR | Montana Pros | Mint Smartwash | Billings, MT

A Superior Car Wash Experience
Our advanced computer-controlled smartwash options feature environmentally-friendly technology and an extra long drying bay — giving your vehicle a superior wash, and complete dry, without the annoying lines of your average gas station car wash.
A Green Clean
At Mint Smartwash, we reclaim the water used in our washes, safely dispose of contaminants we collect such as dirt, grease and oil, and then discharge excess water into the local water treatment facility. Our soaps are certified biodegradable, and we use the latest technology to closely monitor our water usage to ensure you receive an effective but efficient wash, minimizing waste.
Wash & Wear
Your vehicle’s finish is constantly under attack — from dust and grit, road oils, the sun’s rays, tree sap, bird droppings, and airborne contaminants. Truth is, it will never look as good as it did in the showroom, but we’ll help you keep your vehicle feeling mint.



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